On Sat, 13 Oct 2007 18:02:55 +0100
"[H]omer" wrote:

> Microsoft and their henchmen can shut down every commercial GNU/Linux
> vendor in the world, but they can never shut down the Free Software
> that powers those distributions, and so GNU/Linux will go on, despite
> Microsoft's best efforts to "fsking kill" it by "tipping it into a
> death spiral". It won't work ... ultimately they're going to lose,
> it's just a question of time. The pervasiveness of Free Software is
> inevitable.

Well, *even* if they could pull the kernel, I think we'd still have
hurd, and failing that, businesses would move to BSD. It's not that
different. Things would be ported.

It's a cancer dudes, and it's eating away at the MS pockets.

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