I'm setting up an ethernet interface to be configured by
dhcp, not for the ip address but for the route and dns
configuration info. I then set a static ip address so
the machines on the subnet know who the others are.

In earlier releases (RH 8.x) this was straight forward. Just
use multiple ifcfg files.

You can't do this in Suse 9.2. The additional ip addresses
in the ifcfg file doesn't work since the dhcp configuration
just ignores those.

I ended up using the ip command to add the static ip address
in a script file specified by POST_UP_SCRIPT. Except as I
was trying to figure out how those worked, my ethernet devices
stopped configuring on reboot. One after another as I switched
to the remaining one.

When I edited the interface definitions in Yast, it configured
the devices but they wouldn't show up on reboot.

The module setting in the /etc/sysconfig/hardware/ files turned
out to be unset.

I ended up deleting the interface definitions and recreating them
in Yast and that seemed to fix it. The /etc/sysconfig/hardware/
module fields were set with the driver names. I'm not sure what
deleted them in the first place. It wasn't the ip command or
the manual editting of the ifcfg file to add POST_UP_SCRIPT.
Anyone have any ideas? Is it some sort of Yast thing?

Joe Seigh