I have in the office, two linux (fc3 installs with 2.6.10-1.766_fc3
builds) machines that we access via smb shares and I even managed to
get shares mounted in samba at startup to the win2k3 domain controllers
and all is well.

I installed fc3 onto my laptop (a dell inspiron 5500) and for the most
part it works just fine. With 1gb of ram it's performance is very

However, I installed and configured Samba on my laptop (same fc3, yum
updated, Samba 3.0.11-0.2.3) and I can connect to the servers and the
server can see and connect to my home folder (so can the rest of the

The problem is, copying a 55mb file from the FC3 server to the Win2k3
machine (or vice versa) takes all of 5-6 seconds. Copying the same
55mb file to my laptop however, takes 33 minutes. The laptop is
plugged into the same 100mb switch as the linux servers and the win2k3

I duplicated every setting I could think of (and yes I set the
smb.conf's socket options from 4k blocks to 12k with no change) and
yet, I get this horrible performance. I've set hdaparm with -c1 and
-d1 yet I can't see why this copy is so slow.

Is it possible that my network card ( a Xircom 10/100 ) on my laptop is
causing the problem or should I focus more on Samba itself and try
various tweaks?

Copying between the linux machine via nfs and my laptop is nice and
crisp, only between win2k3 server and laptop do I have the issue.