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  1. FAQ?

    Is there one for this NG?


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    In article , KB wrote:

    >Is there one for this NG?

    Technically, this isn't a valid newsgroup. It's only found on
    mis-configured newsservers, and as a result doesn't have wide
    distribution or much traffic.

    On the 15th of every month, the article "List of Big Eight Newsgroups"
    is posted to news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, and news.lists.misc
    and lists the 17 sanctioned Linux newsgroups that should be carried on
    every news server. They are:

    [compton ~]$ zgrep linux /var/spool/news/valid.newsgroups.12.15.04.gz
    comp.os.linux.advocacy Benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.
    comp.os.linux.alpha Linux on Digital Alpha machines.
    comp.os.linux.announce Announcements important to the Linux community.
    comp.os.linux.answers FAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux. (Moderated)
    comp.os.linux.development.apps Writing Linux applications, porting to Linux.
    comp.os.linux.development.system Linux kernels, device drivers, modules.
    comp.os.linux.embedded Linux operating system on embedded hardware.
    comp.os.linux.hardware Hardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
    comp.os.linux.m68k Linux operating system on 680x0 Amiga, Atari, VME.
    comp.os.linux.misc Linux-specific topics not covered by other groups.
    comp.os.linux.networking Networking and communications under Linux.
    comp.os.linux.portable Linux OS on portable PCs.
    comp.os.linux.powerpc Linux systems running on PowerPC microprocessors.
    comp.os.linux.security Security and the GNU/Linux Operating System.
    comp.os.linux.setup Linux installation and system administration.
    comp.os.linux.x Linux X Window System servers, clients, libs and fonts.
    comp.os.linux.xbox Linux on Xbox.
    [compton ~]$

    and FAQs for those groups can be found at ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/faqs/. The
    'comp.os.linux.answers' group appears dead, and posts to comp.os.linux.misc
    should be limited as noted above. A FAQ is published frequently in that group,
    but it's basically unmaintained, and you may already have a copy on your system

    There is also the 'alt.*' hierarchy (or anarchy - same thing), and the
    groups there are carried on your newsserver at the whim of the news
    administrator. Some servers carry a lot of them (the server I'm using
    [gigaanews] carries 85), some don't. Traffic can vary very much in
    those groups, but not many of them have FAQs, because they are not all
    that well organized.

    Your news server may also be carrying additional groups. The server I'm
    using has 891 newsgroups with the word 'linux' in the name. How many of
    those are worth bandwidth is a good question.

    Old guy

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