I want to prevent the user from resizing the window "by hand" (using
the lower right corner of the window)
but i want to set the size manually with a resize or set_default_size
function but it seems to have no effect:
Is there a way to do this?

Here is portion of the code:

[ Gtk::Window *r_window; ]

void ItkGtkWindow::setResizable(bool isResizable)
r_window->resize(r_width, r_height); // NO EFFECT ON THE
SIZE OF MY WINDOW IF isResizable is false
r_window->set_default_size(r_width, r_height); // NO EFFECT


Example of use:
1 - The user can resize the window freely by hand (isResizable =
2 - The size is saved in r_width and r_height,
3 - User checks a given checkBox that calls setResizable(FALSE)
4- Undesired Effect: the window goes back to its original size (before
1) what i don't want. So I call resize or set_default_size with saved
values but it has no effects.

Any Hint?