"Roy Schestowitz" wrote in message
> MSN Caught Manipulating Ron Paul Poll Results
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMLa1WI4jhU&NR=1

Gee - A bunch of Ron Paul supporters post a 'political infomercial' on
YouTube claiming that their candidate (the one the "Founding Fathers would
vote for") is being unfairly represented in the polls.

Yup, that's it. Microsoft has decided that it is going to target Ron Paul
because.... well, there isn't any valid reason why they would single out one
candidate but it's a conspiracy theory. It doesn't need actual facts.

Clearly Ron Paul is the superior candidate for president and he would be the
front-runner today if it wasn't for Microsoft who is going out of their way
to keep him down.

Thank goodness that the dedicated Ron Paul supporters were able to crack the
story about how Microsoft, Fox News, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and
everyone else is lying to keep his poll numbers artifically low.

If you can't trust the supporters who work at the Ron Paul campaign to tell
you this then who can you trust?

( I also noticed that our resident troll Roy Schestowitz is willing to
believe absolutely anything as long as it has some sort of negative MS slant
to it.)

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