A workshop on Free and Open Source Software

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| The free and open source software debate has for the last decade or so seen a
| fascinating place to observe the politics of technology. It has been a forum
| for experimentation and empowerment, and has opened up some long held
| assumptions about ownership, research and the role of users.


James Vasile of the Software Freedom Law Center

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| Yesterday, the Berkman Luncheon Series continued with a presentation and
| discussion by James Vasile of the Software Freedom Law Center.



Open source to help quell ICT trade deficit: Waugh

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| Waugh Partners is conducting a census on the proliferation of open source to
| gauge the level of adoption among local enterprises and to help businesses
| become more aware of its relevance. *
| "We think open source is good for the IT industry and innovation," Waugh
| said. "It has ignited competition with companies using open source to enter
| the industry and create new business models. It has raised the value point
| over just the software product itself - you have to have great integration,
| service and support to succeed. And it lowers the barrier to entry as you can
| create products built on open source to provide grander solutions." * * *


Microsoft director out to 'debunk mythology around open source'

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| "The Free Software movement is dead. Linux doesn't exist in 2007. Even
| Linus has got a job today." Controversial statements from the head
| of Microsoft's Linux Labs, Bill Hilf.
| [...]
| Hilf accused his former employers, IBM, of starting a standards war
| simply because they wanted a part of the Office market. People do
| not want ODF (Open Document Format), but they want a way to control
| the information they create, he claimed.


"Microsoft seems to have hijacked Linux Asia"

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| Was the general feel amongst the attendees at Linux Asia 2007;
| MS however, just wanted to say ''let us walk hand-in-hand''


Microsoft markets well (Is Aras an OSS marketing ploy?)

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| Riddle me this: how does a small company that is an all MS
| development shop, with a press release or news piece every 2-3
| months get that kind of PR? My guess is that the Microsoft
| machine kicked in--portraying Microsoft (and Microsoft
| technologies) as legitimate open source community members.
| The whole thing is a sham, but great marketing.