Sun Announces Niagara 2 Servers

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| Sun is also introducing Sun Management Center 4.0, an update to its network
| monitoring and management software for SPARC and x64 systems running Solaris
| and Linux. It features a common interface called ILOM, or Integrated Lights
| Out Management, to performance automated checks on performance, function and
| security.


Sun pushes integration with UltraSPARC T2

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| As a general-purpose processor, the UltraSPARC T2 also provides support for
| the massively threaded, open source Solaris operating system and other
| realtime operating systems, as well as future versions of Ubuntu Linux. *

Sun: Open source Niagara 'successful'

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| The success Sun Microsystems has seen from publishing the hardware designs of
| its Niagara processor is pushing the server and software company to continue
| its open source chip initiative, and release the source codes of its
| latest "Niagara 2" processor. *

Open Source Excellence at UC Santa Cruz

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| Sun Microsystems has named the University of California, Santa Cruz as its
| first *OpenSPARC Center of Excellence, establishing a collaborative *
| partnership between the company and university faculty who work with the
| OpenSPARC community on the processor code first released as open source by
| Sun in 2006. *

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| Sun Microsystems plans to release on Tuesday the underlying design of
| its UltraSparc T1 "Niagara" processor under the terms of the General
| Public License.

Sun's Niagara chip breaks like the Wind River

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| Wind River this week lent a helping hand to one of Sun Microsystems'
| more interesting processor efforts. The software maker announced that
| its telco hardened version of Linux will be tuned for Sun's UltraSPARC
| T1 processor.