KDE's Windows weapon: KOffice 2.0

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| While the industry is distracted by the ongoing tussle between Microsoft and
| OpenOffice.org over document formats, the KDE project is quietly preparing
| the next generation of its own office suite, KOffice, for Linux, Windows, and
| Mac OS X.


KDE Commit Digest Issue 79

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| Image support in Parley, and support for formulas in the note feature of the
| Step physics simulation package. blinKen changes capitalisation to Blinken
| for the KDE 4.0 release. Theme work across kdegames, with better collision
| detection in Kolf. More XMP integration work in Digikam. Work on KConfig
| merged back into trunk/. Colour conversion system becomes fully operational
| in Krita. Continued work on the port of the Kickoff menu to KDE 4, initial
| work on a centred-button menu in Raptor. KIOFuse, the KIOSlave filesystem
| bridge



Steve Ballmer: "I would love to see all open source innovation happen on top of

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| Steve Ballmer apparently likes open source. Well, so long as it drives
| Windows revenue. And doesn't replace any. Ever. In fact, as he said at an
| event in Microsoft last week in London that he hopes to see all open-source
| innovation going to Windows, rather than Linux (more below).



Discussion about current state of Plasma

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| Frerich Raabe raised the question on planet KDE what the current
| state of Plasma is. He asks if there is enough code in shape to
| have something ready for KDE 4 and calls for new developers to
| step up and fill this suspect ed gap.


Shiny Dolphin Mockups

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| Nookie provided some Dolphin Mockups to show how he imagines Dolphin.
| While some of the enhancements do look a bit like a file manager of a
| certain wide spread operating system they do look good.


KDE4 Devel Live-CD Review: Work in Progress

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| The LiveCD edition of KDE4 clearly shows that a significant amount
| of work has been dedicated to the project already. There is however
| a lot to be finished before the new version of KDE will shine. I
| think that the stability and quality of the SVN version is not a
| big deal -- all development code is unstable and lacks features.
| KDE4 promises to be a modern and functional environment with a
| huge collection of remarkable apps, well integrated with each
| other, starting with a the office suite, though file management,
| multimedia and even programmer tools. Great achievements,
| however, require time.


KDE 4 Snapshot 04-18-07 Screenshot Tour

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| Unlike the SLAX-based live CD called KLAX, which he used to develop in
| order to demonstrate new KDE releases, his "KDE Four Live" images
| are based on openSUSE.


KDE 4 development Live CD available

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| An openSuse based Live DVD with an up-to-date snapshot of KDE 4
| development packages is available. With a virtual machine this
| makes it easy to have a look at the upcoming KDE 4.