And another common 'alternative' reviewed...

ROX-Filer: A Lightweight File Manager that Simply Rocks

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| ROX is one of the genuinely interesting file managers available for the major
| platforms - GNU/Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows (under Cygwin). As can be
| inferred from the manager’s website, ROX-Filer is a project aimed to move the
| best features of RISC OS onto Linux and Unix platforms. Its small footprint
| and configurability are its unquestionable hallmarks.


ROX Desktop: Ubuntu integration

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| Can we get rid of ROX-Session? It should be possible to integrate ROX
| with your existing session manager. In this experiment, I configure a
| fresh Ubuntu installation to run ROX, without using ROX-Session.

ROX founder: Why I brought RISC OS to Unix

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| Making Linux easy to use, advice for ROL and CTL, and more