Fluxbox Window Manager Reaches v1.0

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| Fluxbox, the window manager based upon Blackbox, has reached version 1.0.0.
| Fluxbox 1.0 introduces a new default style, new alternate styles, fixed shape
| handling, added a fluxbox-remote utility, and updated languages.


New and important release of Enlightenment



Initial Implementation of Desktop Icons in E17

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| E17 is maturing, and the TODO that needs to be completed for its
| release is shrinking.


E17 -- Desktop Enlightenment

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| You need to install E17 in order to fully appreciate the magnificent
| work of the programmers. The direction of changes is very good -- e17
| delivers a nice-looking desktop with many special effects, being easy
| and lightweight at the same time. When compared to its predecessor
| -- e16 -- it shows that the desktop personalization and new effects
| do not have to trigger additional hardware purchases. I only wish Ic
| ould say the same about GNOME and KDE. Also, I have to say that I
| wish the Microsoft products were as stable and functional as e17
| in alpha phase.


Elive 0.6.2 development released

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| Between the work still's on new things, Elive has released a new ISO, this
| iso contains basically updates of packages:
| * * * Packages updated: All the packages to has updates, set to day
| * * * Firefox 2: Now called iceweasel is fully implemented,
| * * * remember that thunderbird is now called icedove too
| * * * Flash 9: The first version stable of Flash 9 is released,
| * * * enjoy it directly on your Elive


Elive 0.5.2 Screenshot Walkthrough

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| The beta version of the future Flash 9 is included; update from X.Org
| 7.0 to 7.1; Intel wireless firmware updates for the ipw2x00 models
| of wireless cards; Torus trooper, an amazing game made by Kenta Cho,
| with a retro-futuristic style; Transmission, a small basic
| BitTorrent client...


YDL uses Enlightnement and runs on the Playstation 3


A weekend with fluxbox.

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| My biggest problem with using fluxbox is not fluxbox itself. I wanted it to
| be able to save some resources for my aging computer but I still needed to
| use KDE programs. So I checked my resource usage with pure KDE and then with
| fluxbox and KDE programs. There was no difference in resource usage. * *


Fluxbox on Gutsy, just to be different

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| Just for giggles, I installed Fluxbox on Gutsy today ... which isn't
| really very daring, since the repositories have only been open for
| a day or two, and there?s very little in there that has changed.


Fluxbuntu - Light weight Ubuntu-based Linux distribution featuring Fluxbox
window manager

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| Fluxbuntu is a light-weight, standards-compliant, Ubuntu-based Linux
| distribution featuring the Fluxbox window manager.The project's primary
| goal is to develop an operating system that would run on a wide range
| of mobile devices and computers, both low-end and high-end.Recently
| since they started development on the PowerPC Architecture they also
| started development on support for the sony Playstation 3.
| Fluxbuntu now Officially supports most of the major architectures
| plaforms: i386, PowerPC, AMD 64bit & Intel 64bit and Itanium 64bit.