Open Source conference in Argentina draws a crowd

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| Sponsored by international heavyweights as Red Hat and Intel alongside local
| outsourcing firms Globant and Tecso, the sixth yearly edition of the Linux
| and Open Source conference -once again perfectly organised by the Buenos
| Aires Linux Users Group, CaFeLUG was held at Argentina's capital.


Penguin migration in Patagonia streamed for all to see

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| Unfortunately, what looks like a small ISP contracted by the government to do
| the streaming, choose to use Windows Media for this chore, that means that
| things are not as easy as they could be for Linux and non-Microsoft users.
| Fortunately MPlayer 1.0 along with the MPlayer plug-in for Mozilla seem to
| handle MMS just fine. But depending on your Linux distro you might need to
| install those. * *

Quick Look at Urli OS 6.10 [from Argentinia]

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| Hardware support was good, I didn't really have to set up anything upon
| boot. I did have to adjust the the X server settings, but that's par
| for the course for me and my two vastly differing monitors. Otherwise
| sound, usb, printer, etc seemed ready to go. System performance was
| amazing as mentioned before.