Veteran Open Source Security firm releases Server platform: EnGarde Secure
Linux Community

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| Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community
| 3.0.17 (Version 3.0, Release 17).

First look at Puppy Linux 3.00

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| Otherwise, all the applications and the system as a whole offered good
| performance and stable operation. It could be a wonderful start, especially
| for anyone wishing to be a little different, someone needing to save space
| and resources, or those requiring a portable solution. It'd be really great
| on a desktop with minimal input, and could be useful on a laptop with a bit
| more. It may not be the prettiest at the party, but it has a great
| personality.


An in-depth look at Puppy Linux

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| I've discussed the features of Puppy Linux in this article to show its
| potential uses. But I've left out one vital fact -- Puppy Linux is just plain
| fun. The friendly interface, easy-to-use wizards and bundled how-to's are
| part of this appeal, but it goes beyond this, into how easily you can tailor
| or even remaster the system. Puppy is an engaging system that comes with the
| opportunity to participate in a vibrant user community.

Taking Puppy Linux for a Walk

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| The two main uses for Puppy Linux (or any Linux live CD) are to:
| ¬* ¬* * Rescue files from the host PC's hosed hard drive or perform various
| ¬* ¬* maintenance tasks (like imaging that drive)
| ¬* ¬* * Compute on a machine without leaving a trace‚ÄĒlike browser history,
| ¬* ¬* cookies, documents or any other files‚ÄĒbehind on the internal hard drive

Puppy 3.00 runs on the $0 Laptop

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| It's nice to put in a CD, boot in a couple of minutes and have the Puppy
| environment I love right there for me. Abiword, Geany, Seamonkey, Pidgin,
| ROX-Filer, MtPaint. Every one works great and loads quickly. ¬*

Puppy Linux 3.00 released

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| The new version Puppy Linux is released. Puppy is a distribution for low end
| PCs, designed to run from media like usb sticks. It's size is less than 100
| MB. ¬*

ReviewLinux.Com: Puppy Meet My USB Key

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| Puppy Linux is a great Linux distribution to place on a USB key. It's easy
| installation instructions make it a breeze to install. From boot up to
| installation on your key in under 10 minutes. It's just that fast. Puppy
| Linux 3.0 was released October 2 2007 and I thought I would give a small tour
| on walking your puppy to the key. Enjoy! ¬* ¬*