Open Source accelerates growth says successful startup

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| In 2006 ESR Technology lowered its annual IT costs by 78% after migrating
| from Netware to Debian Linux. With the help of Sirius Corporation, the Open
| Source services group, ESR Technology aims to repeat the success of this
| first project during their expansion into Dubai.


IT in 2006: Google, Linux, Digg, Web-based Apps

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| While their size and market share will bail them out, in terms of
| getting work done, Microsoft has been the single biggest stumbling
| block. Note that I'm not talking about the Mac Business Unit and any
| delays in Office 12 for Mac OS X. That's not even close to an issue
| for 2006.
| I'm talking about how my Microsoft servers still require far too
| much personal attention, and a permanent (for the foreseeable
| future), rotating weekend server reboot day, just to deal with
| patch applications. Also, I'm not fond of the continual,
| meaningless "interop" announcements with Sun and now Novell that
| always work out to mean "They'll do all the work so we can claim
| interoperability." That's not a partnership by any definition
| I'd use.
| The last straw for me this year was finding out that we can't
| upgrade to Exchange 2007 anytime soon because Microsoft made the
| very odd decision to not support Public Folder access in Outlook
| Web Access. So instead of upgrading to current server software,
| we're upgrading to what will soon be a 4-year old groupware
| server. I'll close out this by saying that no one is happy that
| there are six different versions of Vista.

Open source software lets Genuitec forgo venture capital

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| Williams says entrepreneurs should consider using open source to
| build their businesses. "Look past the fact that the software can
| be acquired for free," he says. "That's not the biggest
| differentiator. It's the scalability; the security; the reliability.
| Look for the right skill sets inside the organization and what's
| available to augment that externally. You've got to have staff
| that's comfortable with the infrastructure you put in place and
| who can maintain it. It's a TCO equation."