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Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 22:58:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [nylug-announce] Oct 10 NYLUG Presents: Sunny Dubey on Audio on
Linux: From Sound Waves to the DJ Booth

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 *RSVP CLOSES TUESDAY BUT SEE BELOW*
6:30pm-8:00 PM
76th 9th Ave., between 15th and 16th St.
4th Floor, enter near 16th Street

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Sunny Dubey
Audio on Linux: From Sound Waves to the DJ Booth

Please join us Wednesday, October 10 for the return of Sunny
Dubey, whose efforts on behalf of NYLUG over the years are too
numerous to list here.

The call of a penguin, the roar of a steam train and many other
sounds today we take for granted. Yet over 130 years ago was it
only possible to hear these sounds in real life, recorded sound
did not exist. Along came the cylinder phonograph and everything
changed. Today we live in a world full of multimedia allowing us
to experience what comes from lands afar.

As Linux continues to evolve, so have its audio offerings. Today
Linux has quite a number of audio related applications related to
playing, editing, and composing.

Together we shall explore audio on Linux in the following manner:

Part 1 - Audio review
With emphasis on achieving high quality sound reproduction we
shall review the basics of what is sound, best practices, the
sources it comes from (CD, 12", MP3) and how to distinguish
quality sound from regular sound. We shall also speak of note
worthy general audio hardware and various audiophile myths.

Part 2 - Linux + PC hardware support
We shall discuss getting the most out of your hardware, working
with ALSA and the various sound servers, and what to look for,
what to look out for when buying audio hardware.

Part 3 - Linux + Music Playing, Managing
While applications like Winamp and iTunes rule the Windows world,
Linux rocks too with Amarok and Rhythmbox. Simply playing MP3's
is a thing of the past for today our applications can help us
sort/organize our music, find cover art, rip our CD's and manage
our MP3 players. (We shall discuss which MP3 players work our
Linux apps too!)

Part 4 - Linux + Recording / Converting / Editing
While great at playback, Linux can also make recording sounds,
converting between various file formats and editing sound easy as
well. Together we shall learn various tasks including ripping
Internet broadcasts/radio, convert your MP3's to OGG, and editing
sound files with Audacity.

Part 5 - Linux + Digital DJing
Not only can your Linux machine rock great tunes, but now it can
be the life of the party! Using software like UltraMixer and
Mixxx one can mix music live for hours on end. Such software
will be demonstrated live! (Additionally we shall explore far
more advanced hardware/software/digital-vinyl combinations.)

Further Information:
* ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture):
* Amarok:
* Rhythmbox:
* Audacity:
* UltraMixer:
* Mixxx:

About Sunny Dubey:
Sunny is a long time Linux user, DJ (trance, progressive, house), and
has recently graduated Polytechnic University with a bachelor's in

Sunny has been seen at many FOSS events, including several previous
presentations at NYLUG, and has been randomly recognized on the street
for his NYLUG appearances.

Meeting Location
Please note that this meeting will be held at Google, 76 9th Ave,
4th floor, between 15th and 16th Streets, and not at IBM. This is
the old Port Authority Building, and takes up the entire block.
You want the entrance nearest 16th Ave.


Free Refreshments!
Google is also graciously providing refreshments during the

Our friends at Prentice-Hall kindly provide us with review copies
of various new titles. One of these could be yours, all you have
to do is agree to review the book within a reasonable period of

Swag (Give Away)
During/after the meeting... unusually terrific swag may be given

After the meeting ... Many of us have been meeting over at the
Hog Pit starting around 8:15-8:30. http://www.hogpit.com
22 Ninth Avenue at 13th Street, New York, New York 10014

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there's work for non-coders too. The workshops meet every other
Tuesday, at the NY Public Library, Hudson Park Branch.
66 Leroy St. NY NY from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Next meeting is October 9,
the day before the NYLUG general meeting.
The following meeting will be October 23.
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