MSNBC Interactive News Acquires Newsvine

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| MSNBC, which is jointly owned by Microsoft Corp. and NBC Universal, did not
| disclose financial terms of the deal late Sunday. NBC Universal is a joint
| venture of General Electric Co. and Vivendi SA.

Owning society (social sites). The goal is approached... Digg is a step closer
(incentives to drop Google for PR and user tracking purposes) and the same
goes for Facebook (links below).

Another major new acquisition:

SAP agrees to buy Business Objects for 4.8 bln euro


Report: Microsoft may buy Facebook stake

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| Citing unnamed people familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal said
| Microsoft is holding preliminary discussions that could culminate in a $300
| million to $500 million investment in Facebook, a Palo Alto social-networking
| site founded just 3 1/2 years ago. *

Facebook subpoenaed over user safety

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| A spokeswoman for Facebook, based in Palo Alto, California, said the company
| was aware of the subpoena and is preparing a statement.

Facebook teams with Amazon

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| In a collaboration with Redmond-based Microsoft Inc.'s Popfly,
| Facebook users can create applications and add them to their
| profiles with no programming.

Facebook: Buyout Frenzy Builds Around Rumored IPO

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| Ashkan Karbasfrooshan outlines the current agreement with Microsoft and makes
| the case for a Facebook IPO in 2008 in great detail. Great post, Ashkan!
| My personal feeling is that Facebook would NEVER sell out to Microsoft and
| risk pissing off it employees and user base but we shall see.b