Granular FunWorks 2007 released

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| I am happy to announce the availability of Granular FunWorks 2007 (FW2007),
| the DVD extension of the successful v0.90.


Granular Linux - What Am I Missing?

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| Granular Linux is a Linux distribution based on PCLinuxOS and features the
| XFCE4 and KDE desktops. It appears to have been in development since about
| the beginning of 2007 and has had one previous release. The developers of
| Granular have recently released a test of their upcoming .90 and I thought
| I'd see what it offered.

Granular Linux 0.90 is out

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| Granular Linux is an easy-to-use, desktop Linux distribution based
| on PCLinuxOS. Its main features are a carefully selected set of
| applications for common tasks, the ability to customise the
| distribution, and the inclusion of two popular desktop environments
| - the flexible KDE and the lightweight Xfce.