Software Notebook: Google, IBM expand program to teach 'Internet-scale'

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| The companies say the servers available to the universities will run the
| Linux operating system and other open-source programs, including Apache's
| Hadoop project, an open-source implementation of programs and systems that
| Google uses.

There's also less convenient an affair involving IBM:

Cracks in the Foundation

Also new (part 3 in a series):

The future of Unix Part 3: IBM's view

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| In these interviews, TechTarget ANZ's Ian Yates speak with analyst Kevin
| McIsaac from IBRS, Sun Microsystems' Laurie Wong and IBM's Phil MacLochlainn.
| The hypothetical is the death of Unix at the hands of Linux.


The future of Unix Part 1: IBRS' view

IBM, Google Working Together

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| IBM, Google collaboration lets users integrate enterprise and
| Web-based services.

IBM Grows Revenue Across $250K+, UNIX and x86 Servers, Gartner Says

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| In the quarter, IBM had a 29.8 percent revenue share of the worldwide server
| marketplace, more than any other vendor, according to the Gartner report. *

Google Market Cap Exceeds IBM

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| Last week, Google stock hit an all-time high of $541 with a market cap of
| $169 billion (yes, with a B). That put their value higher than IBM's
| and on par with Cisco. Not bad for a company with an open
| source infrastructure.