Tipping Point?

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| It's a shame Michael has chosen now - a turning point in and a
| moment when Sun has radically improved the SCA in response to broad feedback
| from many communities - as a time to mount a fresh challenge to Sun that by
| implication also harms And when you distill out all the
| details, that's what this turns out to be even by Michael's admission - a
| competitive issue, not a community one.

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| is hugely important to the Open Source community, so this is
| an important discussion. I think that an Foundation makes the
| most sense in this case, but I could see a general argument for maintaining
| company control (at least in some cases). What do you think?
| One final comment. I forget sometimes how difficult a position Sun has put
| themselves in after years of being schizo about Open Source. For the last
| couple of years they have done some truly awesome things, yet they continue
| to take a beating in the community. I wonder how long it is until some will
| think they have paid their dues. With some of the OpenSolaris vs. Linux
| posturing that is sure to come (more comments on that soon) my guess is that
| Sun may not get the credit they deserve for some time.


Questions I'd like to see asked about the Microsoft-Novell deal

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| The questions asked as part of this study were about as open-ended
| and wishy-washy as you could get. Researchers asked customers
| deploying a mix of Windows, SuSE Linux and Red Hat Linux whether
| they were in favor of more vendor interoperability. They asked
| customers if they believed it would be helpful if Microsoft
| worked more closely with Linux vendors. They asked whether they
| approved of the Microsoft-Novell collaboration. And they
| questioned whether users "take responsibility for the
| intellectual property in the products they ship."
| The only question on PSB's list that I found remotely interesting
| was whether users would be any more likely to buy SuSE Linux as a
| result of the Microsoft-Novell deal. Sixty-nine percent said yes.
| (I'm actually surprised this number isn't higher.)

Office 2007's Confusion Mode

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| So Microsoft clearly loves multiple Microsoft document formats! (Discuss
| among yourselves whether this love is amour de soi or amour propre.) But what
| about other, standard formats? *

Microsoft playing three card monte with XML conversion

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| Gary Edwards of the Open Document Foundation, a leading member
| of its technical committee, says Microsoft is playing proprietary
| games aimed at controlling XML file formats and preventing the
| Open Document Format from gaining a foothold.