UnlockMe! Low 'Virtual Memory' warning on Windows Vista

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| If you receive an error messages that warns you about low virtual memory, it
| means that you have so many programs running at the same time and your
| temporary space in your hardisk called paging file is not enough.


Apple probes iMac lockups

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| Apple said it is investigating lockup problems with the newest line of iMac
| desktop computers after customers flooded the company's support forums with
| complaints last week.



Seagate: Vista OS requires 250GB to 1TB of storage

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| Seagate exec: To fully leverage Vista, you need 250GB to 1TB of storage


Vista PCs: Suffering from Memory Loss?

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| A reader wants to know why his new computer--which is supposed to have
| 4GB of memory--keeps telling him it really has only 3GB


Testing Vista's different memory configurations

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| You simply cannot play games on Vista with 512MB o memory, at least not the
| games wen tested. You will sometimes get playable scores but even then the
| experience and the load time will be ridiculous.
| Anything more than 512MB will help you a lot, with 2x1GB being the best
| price performance buy.
| 4x1GB is the best choice for best raw performance. It is hard to prove it
| ^^^^^
| in every test, but if you have 2x1GB and you load as much in memory, the
| ^^^^^
| system will become endessly slow.
| ^^^^


Vista Runs Smooth Only on 2G Memory

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| However, Dell CEO Kevin Rollins suggested otherwise on Thursday, 26 Oct at
| a speech at Shanghai's Jiaotong University. "I think they tell you maybe 1
| gig of memory is OK. No, two gigs of memory would be great."
| This echoes with my own experience with Vista RC2. With only 1G of
| RAM, there are many disk activities indicating heavy disk swap, a
| symptom of lack of memory in the system.


Vista System Memory Concerns

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| Vista: Facing a Slow Adoption. In the beginning, early adopters and
| gamers who are looking to ready themselves for the DirectX 10 upgrade
| will be best suited for those ready to make an investment in the
| unknown.
| Considering how many software and game titles will likely need to
| be run in "compatibility mode" until patches are released across
| the board, I would suggest really looking at what Vista's advantages
| are before taking the plunge.
| No matter how much we may wish to see the path Vista is about to
| embark on, the fact remains that because of its hardware requirements,
| Vista adoption may turn out to be rather slow.


Microsoft Windows Is A Greedy Memory Hog, The Cure Is To Feed It RAM

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| For Windows 2000, XP, 512MB is the minimum and 1GB or more is recommended.
| For Windows 98 any flavor, 256MB is the minimum and 1GB is recommended. If
| you are an avid PC gamer or video editor, 1GB is the minimum
| recommendation. Other operating systems such as Linux or Mac are similar.
| Simply put: more is better.


New iMacs plagued by interface freezing issues

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| A growing number of users have reported that Apple's aluminum all-in-one
| computers suffer from a flaw that locks up the interface, rendering the
| system all but inert until a reboot. *


Apple Arrogance Unleashed!

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| But the only problem with Apple is that it has no gratitude. Or humility. Or
| generosity. Or manners.
| I'm a big fan of Apple products. But there's no escaping the fact that Apple
| has always been, well, arrogant. Which was fine -- their superiority complex
| has always been both partially deserved and one of the company's motivations
| to strive for better things. But in the past few months, the company seems to
| have crossed some kind of invisible line, now brazenly pissing off not just
| competitors, but its most devoted fans, closest partners and industry
| supporters.