MAAWG Attacks BotNets with Walled Garden Best Practices to Protect Users

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| Taking aim at the bot and zombie malware that turns unsuspecting users'
| computers into dangerous spam and identity theft networks, MAAWG has issued
| the first best practices developed cooperatively by major Internet and email
| service providers for managing infected subscribers.

See? Who said Microsoft does not create new jobs...?


Gathering 'Storm' Superworm Poses Grave Threat to PC Nets

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| Although it's most commonly called a worm, Storm is really more: a worm, a
| Trojan horse and a bot all rolled into one. It's also the most successful
| example we have of a new breed of worm, and I've seen estimates that between
| 1 million and 50 million computers have been infected worldwide. *

Botnet 'pandemic' threatens to strangle the net

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| Cerf estimated that between 100 million and 150 million of the
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| 600 million PCs on the internet are under the control of hackers,
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the BBC reports.