iPhone Business Model Hits a Snag in France

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| It seems like the iPhone might not be released in France by this holiday
| season, since French requires by law that all cell phones sold there must be
| obtainable in an unlocked version.


It's nice to see that the French care about choice. Next stop: O/S-free PCs.


Lawyer advertises for clients to sue Apple for its Iphone sins

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| His website implies that he's planning on filing a class action lawsuit
| against Apple.


Apple disapproves of Iphone voice app

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| Back in August, Voice Signal announced that its engineers have ported several
| of its existing applications onto the Apple Iphone as a proof of concept.


New York resident files quixotic suit over iPhone price cut

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| The erratic play of the New York Mets appears to have spurred at least one
| city resident and iPhone owner on a perplexing quest for justice.


Podcast: Apple's battle against iPhone hackers takes a turn

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| Last week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was in London and he said the company is in
| a "cat and mouse" game with hackers over the iPhone.


Wozniak hates Open Sauce

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| In an interview with eWeek, Woz said that there are always people who want
| things to be free and the open-source movement starts with those sort of
| people. *


Apple promises to kill unlocked Iphones


iPod Classic Will Be Supported

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| As recently reported on Slashdot, Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has added a
| checksum to the iPod database apparently to restrict non-iTunes products
| (like Amarok via libgpod) from having the ability to add music. *


Apple to Brick Modded iPhones, Apple Boycott?

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| While community reaction is generally negative, one blogger suggests sending
| an even stronger message to Apple by boycotting Apple on October 1.