Ten Ways to Make More Humane Open Source Software

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| Firefox: How did it get to be so good?
| Before writing this article, I didn’t know who to thank for Firefox’s
| interface, so I did some research. The central people behind the Firefox
| project were Blake Ross, Dave Hyatt, Ben Goodger, and Asa Dotzler. I read
| their blogs, and discovered that the simplicity and focus of the Firefox
| interface were no accident. Before the Firefox project had a name, it had a
| manifesto, and it has remained practically unchanged since then.


Webkit vs. Mozilla: Should Firefox jump on the Webkit bandwagon?

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| As the Mozilla folks start making plans to plan for the Mozilla 2 codebase,
| Matt Gertner over at the AllPeers blog has a radical suggestion: Dump the
| Gecko rendering engine and embrace WebKit.



Mozilla wants Firefox market share to reach 30% by June 2008

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| The new moves are hoped to get more people using Firefox with the target
| market share being 30% by June 2008. Good luck.


Firefox 3: A look at its new security features

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| Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular Web browsers around today. But
| what does the Mozilla team have in store for us along security lines?


Firefox Campus Edition Features Bundled Tools For Students

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| Continuing its string of branded versions of Firefox, Mozilla is set to
| release a “Campus Edition” aimed at students headed back to school.