Here's my situation:

I have a SOHO network behind a NAT Router/Firewall. All requests go to
the Linux server (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) I use the Linux server for a
file server as well as to serve web pages, etc., to the outside world.

I use Windows XP as a desktop OS otherwise.

I would like to set up an easy-to-use blogging system that would allow
me to edit/add content to the published blog from my Windows system, and
serve the blog pages from my Linux server, which runs Apache 2.x.

The good thing of course is that I have complete control over the
webserver, so I can be as flexible as I want to be, but I'd still like
to keep it simple.

I would probably like to have the capacity to allow outside comments on
blog articles, though that's not absolutely necessary if it would overly
complicate things.

The problem is that there is just a plethora of products out there, and
I have neither the time nor the inclination to download, install and try
out everything. Time is of the essence.

I would like some recommendations based on the scenario I've described.
Feel free to ask further questions. Although this obviously helps me
out, I suspect there are many out there in my same predicament for whom
such a discussion would be welcome.

Thanks and regards from Texas, USA.