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Michael Kok provides part 2 of mBrace, his pragmatic model driven approach
for Performance Engineering of transaction processing systems. This second
part gives an overview of some of the internals of the approach: the main
features of the model, the way it is constructed and validated; the data
that it uses and the way the data is collected.

Steve Guendert provides part 2 of his overview of the IO enhancements in the
new IBM z9 109 processors. This part will focus on the hardware
improvements made to the System z9, including the enhancements made to the
Self-Timed Interconnect (STI), a description of the new redundant I/O
interconnect, and advances made in the handling of open exchanges.

Mike Hines reviews "Performance by Design: Computer Capacity Planning by
Example" by Daniel A. MenascÚ, Virgilio A. F. Almeida, and Lawrence W.
Dowdy. This is a very practical book with many examples to demonstrate the
principles taught. Case studies are in sufficient detail to guide you in
knowing what key factors to measure and how to measure them to make this
approach work for you.

Robert Stinnett reviews "Virtualization: From the Desktop the Enterprise"
by Chris Wolf and Erick Halter. Unlike others who have focused solely on
virtualizing the machine, Wolf and Halter take a look beyond the machine to
the entire Enterprise. They give an introduction and beginning
virtualization mini-course on almost every aspect of the modern data center:
machines, clusters, distributed file systems and virtual storage.