I hope some one on this list can help me, I have two
1)There are 2 disks on this system. The boot disk is an
eide drive is hdd. The second is an SATA drive which the
system does not appear to find. From what I can tell there
are 3 disk controllers on one chip (2 EIDE & 1 SATA). The
chip is an ATI IPX 400 (ATIIXP). Anyone have any help here?

2)The LAN chip is a RTL8101 and with kernel 2.4.x it uses
the 8139Too driver version 0.9.26 and works well. In kernel
2.6.x it uses the same driver version 0.9.27 and appears to
initialize OK, but does not work. Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance
Warren Steffen