I am setting up an HP OfficeJet 9110 printer to work with my Linux
system, using CUPS. (And, I'm using the recommended hpijs printer driver,
done by HP.)

When I try to print with duplex printing on (that is, have the
printer print on both sides of the page), and using the lp command to just
print a basic ASCII text file, it skips one line between the front and
back of the page.

It doesn't seem to when using duplex to print web pages that take two
or more pages (using Netscape), or other things that I've tested and
looked over, at this point.

It is probably something simple, involving setting lines or margins,
or something similar, but if anyone has any idea exactly what it is, I
would appreciate hearing the suggestion, as it may save me some time when
I begin to look into it! :-)

Thank you!

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