There's something which has been irritating the hell out of me for
quite some time. Apologies if my question isn't 100% clear, because
I'm not sure I 100% understand the problem.

Linux does not detect SCSI Luns numbered > 0. We're using Qlogic and
Emulex fibre-channel HBA's here in Redhat Linux 9.0 and RedHat
Enterprise AS 3.0 By default, even when booting or reloading the
driver, Linux will not detect LUN numbers greater than 0.

I've built the drivers as a module and loaded it into the initial
ramdisk. I also added the options max_scsi_luns= option into
/etc/modules.conf, and tried passing it to the kernel on boot as well.
Still doesn't work.

If I use the script, it will detect the Lun
numbers. Thats painful though because it's time consuming and you
don't always know what target and id the lun is on, or even the lun
number itself. I called Qlogic and Emulex support and they told me
that I need to modify the Linux kernel (presumably the mid level SCSI
driver) to get this to work. WTF???

I know its possible because I am aware of a company that DID modify
the mid level SCSI driver such that new luns appear instantly when
they come online. Is there a distribution of Linux with such a mid
level driver?

What do I need to do to get luns to automatically become available to
Linux as soon as they are brought online?