I am using qmail(netqmail-1.05), vpopmail 5.4.0,Mail-Spamassassin-2.55
and qmailadmin-1.0.6 to run my Mailserver on a Redhat9 Linux server.

I am trying to use the qmailadmin web interface to manage the mail
server. When i try to forward emails from a user
account(user1@domain.com) to 3 other email
addresses(forwardto1@domain.com, forwardto2@domain.com,
forwardto3@domain.com) in the same virtual domain(I have used vpopmail
to create virtual domains), it only accepts the first two email
addresses(forwardto1@domain.com, forwardto2@domain.com), and creates a
..qmail file in the the user1's home directory with entries
forwardto1@domain.com, forwardto2@domain.com. It totally discards the
third email address(forwardto3@domain.com).

I tried configuring qmailadmin again specifying the option

This didn't help. So i tried creating a file called .qmailadmin-limits
in the virtual domain directory for the domain (domain.com) with the
following entries

maxpopaccounts -1
maxaliases -1
maxforwards -1
maxmailinglists 0
maxautoresponders -1

-1: should give unlimited option and 0 will disable the feature

It didn't work still.

Has any one come across the same problem? Any help will be