I use SuSE OpenExchange and cannot change any user data.
If I change email quota I get in webfrontend:

modify failed

LDAP-Server return code: 80 Message: LDAP_OTHER
:An unknown error has occurred

In this case in /var/log/messages to read:

slapd[18693]: ldbm: ==> page 1071885844: illegal page type or format
slapd[18693]: ldbm: ==> PANIC: Invalid argument

Fact is: Only after a restart of ldap server (rcldap restart) other user
can auth. to server.
Without restart connections fail ...

Seems, there is a problem with ldap database. But how to recover?
/usr/sbin/slapindex doesnt work.
backups are also wrong/corupted.

Command man returns error:
gdbm fatal: read error

Command ldapsearch with any arguments returns:
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute (16)

Anyone any ideas?