Hi all,
Before I started using linux (specifically RedHat 9) I was only using
win98 (don't laugh). I currently have my system dual booting and almost
always use linux now... But there are two things I would like to
upgrade. First my sound card which is a Phillips sound card and
completely useless when I boot in linux. I've given up trying to get
drivers and it does not look like Phillips will supply linux drivers any
time soon. Also my video card has a S3 Savage4 chip set which is ok, but
I cannot enable hardware 3D Acceleration. This really comes into play
when I try to use xine or any window manager other than the one supplied
in the Redhat distro. So this is were you come into play...

What sound card and video card would you recommend? I would like
something easy to obtain and reasonably priced, not necessarily top of
the line...

Thanks in advance,