I am the news editor for SearchEnterpriseLinux.com
http://searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com and I'm working on a few
stories related to the upcoming release of the 2.6 kernel and I'd like
to get some feedback from actual Linux users.

Recently Red Hat, for example, hinted that 2.6 would not be available
in Red Hat Enterprise Linux until version 4, which is 12 to 18 months
away (Red Hat has said some features have been back-ported from 2.6
into the current RHEL3).

My question is, should distributors like Red Hat, SuSE et al. hurry to
get a 2.6 version of Linux ready as soon as the new kernel is
finalized -- and why? Is this is a big deal to enterprise users of
Linux, or can you wait for scheduled upgrades?

-- Also, how often do you ugrade to new versions of enterprise-grade

-- Have you tested 2.6 yet? Any feedback you can report?

Please send your feedback to news@searchenterpriselinux.com.