Hi all
I'm facing on an issue. So I need your help.
I have a NIS server on Sun Solaris. I currently using direct and indirect
NIS map.
for example: On my NIS server ( Solaris Operating System)
- on /etc/nis/auto_master file
/home auto_home -rw,intr,nosuid
/- auto_direct

- on /etc/nis/auto_home
* nfsserver:/export/home/&

- on /etc/nis/auto_direct
/usr/local -rw,soft,bg nfsserver:/usr/local/

On a Sun NIS client, I always add in /etc/auto_master the line +auto_master.
And modify the /etc/nsswitch.conf, to take care of NIS automount.

But, I'm not able to automount indirect file system from NIS map on a RedHat
Operating System.
for example: on the /etc/auto.master file
/home yp:auto.home
/- auto.direct this line doesn't work on Linux

Can you please help me?