We are planning to set up a 2 node Oracle 9i RAC cluster (with RH
Enterprise Linux AS 2.1).

We consider the following HP hardware: two HP Proliant DL380 G3 with 2
x 3.06 GHZ CPU's (1MB L3) with 2048 MB RAM, a Smart Array 5302 (the
Smart Array 5i Controller will be used for the internal/local disks)
with a Smart Array Cluster Storage. A fibre channel configuration
seems to expensive.

I find the selection of tools that HP offers for Linux RAC clusters
rather confusing. Do I require a PDC for Linux cluster kit? Secure
Path v3 for Linux Workgroup Edition? HP Proliant Parallel Database
Cluster Linux RAC kit? SteelEye Lifekeeper? The info I've got from HP
pre-sales is not very clear.

If you have any experience with out-of-the-box cluster solutions from
HP for Oracle 9i RAC please do not hesitate to write your comments.

Which HP software components besides RH Linux and the Oracle Software
a realy required to realize a small cluster? Thanks for your kind