Hi everyone,

I've got a problem with Linux 2.4.20 on an x86, AMD XP 1700

When booting into Linux just after the stage where the IDE devices are
detected, the monitor goes into a weird state where all I can see is a
thin and thick white vertical lines covering the entire screen with a
black background. The lines do not change at all, the keyboard num
lock still responds and the system appears to boot normally (can ssh
in, required services such as proxy and networking are ok)

The same machine (Debian 3.0) has been working fine with no video
problems for a few months as a gateway, I didn't install the system
myself but I know for a fact that it has been fine up until very

I have tried using a different monitor and this did not help. I do not
believe this is a hardware issue, because during the POST and Bios/RAM
checking stages of the boot up process the screen is fine, only 10 or
20 lines after the "Loading linux...................." part the screen
goes into this mode.

Any ideas what might be the problem here? Could it possibly be caused
by a terminal resolution problem?

Help would be much appreciated