Hi all.

This may be the wrong question, but here goes. How can increase the amount
of "pipe memory"?

Let me explain my problem. I have a script which mangles a lot (500 MB) of
TXT data. The data consists of N files with arbitrary number of records in
them. The records are fixed size. My script should transform that into M
files of Y records per file. "Y" is given as a command line argument.

The script "cat"-s all input files, pipes them through "awk" which adds
separators after Y lines and that is piped to "csplit", which splits the
input on those separators. This script works flawlessly on my HP Alpha with
Tru64 UNIX and ZSh 2.x.

When I run this on Mandrake Linux 9.1 and ZSh-4.1.0 I get an error "csplit:
Memory exhausted". Running on BASh 2.0.5b gives a similar error "broken
pipe: memory exhausted". Eliminating the last pipe ("csplit") and writing to
a file works OK. "csplit"-ting *that* file also works OK.

"ulimit -p" returns 8 * 512 bytes for pipe memory.

Just to make things more clear, Tru64 has 512 MB RAM, while Linux has 2 GB.

I know that, basically, pipe memory size should be irrelevant. Any ideas?