I need ftp server together with configuration, which would allow me to
setup following behavior:

When user logs in he will be restricted only to his home dir and his
home dir will not include sudirs "bin", "etc" or "lib" and if the home
dir doesnt exist, the ftp server will not allow him to log in.

I know aboout solution using "chroot", but this solution is not
acceptable for me, because in that case the home dir would have to
include subdirs "bin", "lib", "etc" and some files in them.

I know about solution with wu-ftpd and "restricted-uid *" directive in
ftpaccess file - the problem is if the home dir doesnt exist - the
user will be allowed to log in with home dir set to /. The solution
with "restricted-uid *" and "chrooted" wu-ftpd is also unacceptable,
because of "bin", "lib", "etc" which the user would see if the home
dir would not exist.

Do you think there is a more elegant solution than the solution of
using source modifyed "restricted-uid *" wu-ftpd like "if home dir
doesnt exist, dont just say that and continue but rather exit!"?