(M.Senthil Kumar) wrote in message news:...
> hai all...
> I had a peculiar boot problem in linux.
> My syatem is i686 architecture. I installed both Win 98 and Redhat
> Linux 7.3 in my system with GRUB is my boot loader.System is worked
> properly.
> I tried to change background picture in grub.cong. The file is
> in /boot/grub/pictfile.xpm.gz. After i rebooted , i'm not able top
> boot the system.The system is not booting atall.Again and again it is
> restarting.I'm not able to see the boot option.
> Then i overwrite my mbr using windows bootdisk using the command
> fdisk /mbr
> Now i'm able to go windows.But the problem is when i restarted my
> computer with linux bootdisk , it is not booting. It specifies
> Kernal panic error..pas init value as parameter.
> I tried it also. I tried booting with
> linux 3
> linux single
> But, it is not booting. Tell me how can i boot linux ...
> and how can i again overwrite my mbr with dual boot
> option.............

To fix it you'll have a little work to do. First get a boot disk that
you can mount partitions with. Next mount the /boot partition,
re-edit your grub conf file. Point the image reference back to the
old file or remove the splash screen altogether. The reinstall grub.
Once you've done this you should be up and running with linux again.