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> hai all...
> I had a peculiar boot problem in linux.
> My syatem is i686 architecture. I installed both Win 98 and Redhat
> Linux 7.3 in my system with GRUB is my boot loader.System is worked
> properly.
> I tried to change background picture in grub.cong. The file is
> in /boot/grub/pictfile.xpm.gz. After i rebooted , i'm not able top
> boot the system.The system is not booting atall.Again and again it is
> restarting.I'm not able to see the boot option.
> Then i overwrite my mbr using windows bootdisk using the command
> fdisk /mbr
> Now i'm able to go windows.But the problem is when i restarted my
> computer with linux bootdisk , it is not booting. It specifies
> Kernal panic error..pas init value as parameter.
> I tried it also. I tried booting with
> linux 3
> linux single
> But, it is not booting. Tell me how can i boot linux ...
> and how can i again overwrite my mbr with dual boot
> option.............

You will need to get a boot disk that can mount linux partitions. You
will need to mount the /boot partition, then re-edit your grub conf
file so that it reflects the old splash screen file. I'm not sure why
grub would have a single point of failure issue like that. You could
always post a bug to the development site..