ritesh_aladdin@rediffmail.com (Ritesh) wrote in message news:...
> Hii all
> Currently i am facing a strange problem in ftp transfer .
> whenever i try to transfer big size files collection like 5-6 GB mb
> between linux machines. After 30 - 40 min. of transfer, receiveing
> machines hangs while sending machine remains in good condition .
> I search all the files related to ftp .... but never get the solution.
> Anyone can help me ..
> Thnx in advance...
> Regards
> Ritesh Agrawal


If I read you right you are talking about ftp'ing large 5-6gb files?
If this is correct you will have problems. Some ftp servers have not
been updated with code that will support 2gb or larger files in linux.
Some older linux versions will not even support large files. Make
sure the machine your are working with supports the latest kernel and
patches for the fs, and that your code is up to date for the ftp