"root" wrote in message news:...> > First NFS is not UDP based, it runs over either TCP or UDP.
> A quote from suns NFS description
> NFS originated from Sun Microsystems. The details of Sun RPC Version 2 can
> be found in RFC 1057 and consists of two flavors. The first is built using
> the sockets API and works with TCP or UDP. The other, transport
> independent (TI- RPC), is built using the TLI API and works with any
> transport layer. The most popular RPC implementation today is built using
> the sockets API with UDP.

I don't know where the above comes from, but it does not contradict
the fact that NFS runs over TCP and UDP. In fact, the Solaris
NFS client picks TCP over UDP if the server supports it.

-mre (who led the team Sun that implemented NFS/TCP).