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> I'm building a model for my company to determine the TCO of running Linux on
> IBM Mainframes. I would like to engage/contract a consulting firm or
> independent consultant that has experience with partitioning excess
> mainframe capacity and running Linux to support current functions, i.e. file
> and print, I'm running on an NT server farm.
> Does anyone know of a firm or consultant that might be able to help me?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Joseph Bernard

Might be best if you let people know what general location your in, as
for all I know you work 30 miles from me or 3000 miles. In the second
case I would be a little busy to be travelling 3000 miles.

That being said the experience your looking for I personally can't
offer up. But I have talked with many other consultants in my area
and one thing you may want to keep in mind is using UML ( not Unified
Modeling Language for the programmers out there....but User Mode Linux
) It will allow you to run many virtual machines on your boxes to
allow you to seperate and yet utilize the resources to their optimum