Compiz Fusion Community News Edition 15 for October 5th, 2007: 3D fixed

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| Welcome to another edition of Compiz Fusion Community News. Over the past two
| weeks we have seen numerous fixes, and we are nearing a stable release. There
| have also been a minority of improvements and some new and interesting
| applications are being developed. There are also talks of a new web-design
| which is almost ready to impliment.

Konqueror And AdBlock

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| Earlier I mentioned that I use AdBlock on one of my browser, but I never
| mentioned which. I use it with Konqueror, the KDE browser, because it is the
| default KDE browser so most links open in it.
| [...]
| The extension, which comes by default with Konqueror, but it does not come
| with any filtering rules.