ATI Radeon 6.7.195 Driver Release

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| The PowerPC build has also been fixed in this X.Org ATI driver release. Alex
| had mentioned in the 6.7.195 release announcement that the xf86-video-ati
| 6.8.0 driver will be released as soon as all of the sub drivers are ported to
| using pci-rework.

RandR 1.3 and other future X.Org development

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| A month ago the X Developer Summit took place. Now notes about most of the
| talks are available and show where X development heads to. Among the
| information are a feature list for RandR 1.3, for the Intel driver and for
| X.Org 7.4/7.5.


X.Org 7.4 To Get Multi-Pointer X Support

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| X.Org 7.3 will be released later this month, and now Daniel Stone has updated
| the X.Org Wiki with a page for the X.Org 7.4 release. With the six month
| release cycle, X.Org 7.4 is planned for release in February of 2008. Some of
| the features so far on their planning page includes Multi-Pointer X which
| provides multiple cursor support... * *

Multi-touch support for MPX [in Linux]

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| MPX already supported multiple input devices. Which blows pretty much all
| assumptions in user interfaces (input) out of the water. Now I've gone one
| step further and added support for multi-touch displays. Have a look at this
| video...