Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> "Gordon Glover" wrote:
>> on Friday:
>>> I started to undress Becky. I took off her panties, then
>>> her panty hose, her skirt, and then her belt. My swollen

>>> the hard shells up in my sinuses as the vomit flowed into
>>> the waste bin. I washed my hands and went home.
>>> Boy was that hot!

>> Nobody is interested in your latest submission for Creative
>> Writing 101, Roy Schestowitz student at University of
>> Manchester.
>> I think you are starting to go off the deep end, Roy
>> Schestowitz.

> Still replying to your own fake fantasy posts, Gary Stewart
> (flatfish)?

Gary or whoever she/he/it is, is being tracked:

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As one can see, both it and the nym-shifting "linux-sux" troll
are of the most worthless bunch in Usenet. Incapable of carrying
on normal, healthy, useful discussions, they only have one
agenda: denigrate those with whom they disagree with.