ZFS to play larger role in future versions of Mac OS X

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| Sun Microsystems' relatively new ZFS filesystem will see rudimentary support
| under the soon-to-be released Mac OS X Leopard, but will eventually play a
| much larger role in future versions of the Apple operating system,
| AppleInsider has been told.


Apple's support for ZFS may drag it into open-source lawsuit

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| Apple Inc.'s upcoming Leopard will support the open-source ZFS file system,
| the company confirmed today -- a move that could embroil it in a
| patent-infringement lawsuit between Sun Microsystems and storage software
| maker Net Appliance.



Interview: Chris Mason about Btrfs

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| Q: Several people might be interested what you think about ZFS, why you see a
| need for Btrfs “despite of ZFS” (some people think ZFS is the solution for
| everything for them). *
| * * Well, the short answer is that for Linux, there is no ZFS. I know about
| * * the FUSE port, but that isn’t a long term solution in terms of
| * * performance or enterprise workloads. ZFS has an impressive list of
| * * features (and clearly many happy users), but the real competition for
| * * Btrfs is other Linux filesystems. * *


ZFS, XFS, EXT4 Filesystems Compared

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| EXT4 is fast for metadata operations, tar, untar, cpio, and postmark. EXT4 is
| much faster than the others under FFSB. EXT4 with hardware RAID and external
| journal device is ludicrously fast. EXT4 seems to have a bad interaction with
| software RAID, probably because mkfs fails to query the RAID layout when
| setting the filesystem parameters.
| ZFS has excellent performance on metadata tests. ZFS has very bad sequential
| transfer with hardware RAID and appalling sequential transfer with software
| RAID. ZFS can copy the linux kernel source code in only 3 seconds! ZFS has
| equal latency for read and write requests under mixed loads, which is good.
| XFS has good sequential transfer under Bonnie++. Oddly XFS has better
| sequential reads when using an external journal, which makes little sense. Is
| noatime broken on XFS? XFS is very slow on all the metadata tests. XFS takes
| the RAID layout into consideration and it performs well on randomio with
| hardware or software RAID.


OpenSolaris ZFS vs. Linux ext3 RAID5

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| Few overarching conclusions can be drawn from the limited results of this
| study. Certainly, there are situations in which the Solaris/RAID-Z1
| configuration appears to outperform the Ubuntu/RAID-5 configuration. Many
| questions remain regarding the large discrepancy in CPU usage for small-file
| operations. Likewise, the Ubuntu/RAID-5 configuration appears to perform
| slightly better in certain situations, though not overwhelmingly so. At best,
| under these default configurations, one can say that overall the Solaris
| configuration performs no worse, and indicates that it might perform better
| under live operating conditions. The latter, though, is largely speculation. * * * *


Cluster File Systems & Sun to integrate Lustre with OpenSolaris ZFS file

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| Today Cluster File Systems™, Inc. (CFS), announced that the open source
| Lustre network file system will start using Sun's open source OpenSolaris ZFS
| disk file system on Lustre servers running Linux operating systems. *
| Lustre is a leading HPC file system, running on more than 50 percent of the
| 30 biggest computers in the world.


ZFS on Linux: It's alive

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| The project is working, with several users running and even booting from a
| ZFS volume. Correia has not undertaken any performance tuning yet, and
| one sysadmin, Chris Samuel, has posted benchmarks that clock only about
| half the speed of another Linux filesystem, XFS.


ZFS Filesystem for FUSE/Linux

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| ZFS is an advanced modern general-purpose filesystem from Sun
| Microsystems, originally designed for Solaris/OpenSolaris.
| This project is a port of ZFS to the FUSE framework for the
| Linux operating system.
| It was sponsored by Google, as part of the Google Summer of
| Code 2006 program.


ZFS: what "the ultimate file system" really means for your desktop -- in plain

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| It has quite an extensive feature set just like its peers, but builds on
| this by adding a new layer of simplicity. According to the official site,
| ZFS key features are...


Linux: Btrfs, File Data and Metadata Checksums

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| Chris Mason announced an early alpha release of his new Btrfs
| filesystem, "after the last FS summit, I started working on a new
| filesystem that maintains checksums of all file data and metadata." He
| listed the following features as "mostly implemented": "extent based file
| storage (2^64 max file size), space efficient packing of small files,
| space efficient indexed directories, dynamic inode allocation, writable
| snapshots, subvolumes (separate internal filesystem roots), checksums on *
| data and metadata (multiple algorithms available), very fast offline
| filesystem check". * * * *


Rampant layering syndrome

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| It's another post from a ZFS developer's blog. This time, it's Jeff
| Bonwick responding to Andrew Morton's claim that ZFS is a "rampant
| layering violation" because it cuts across the traditionally
| separate worlds of the filesystem, volume manager, and RAID controller.


Linux: ZFS, Licenses and Patents

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| A recent discussion on the lkml examined the possibility of a
| Linux implementation of Sun's ZFS. It was pointed out that the
| file system is released under the GPL-incompatible CDDL, and
| that Sun has filed numerous patents to prevent ZFS from being
| reverse engineered.


Sun's Schwartz: High-Performance Computing Will Be Pervasive

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| Schwartz said that Sun will continue to ramp up development efforts in its
| storage sector, centering on the Thumper X4500 server—a 48-drive unit with a
| capacity of 24TB per box. *
| "Thumper utilizes the ZFS," Schwartz said, "and we'll be taking the message
| out to the open-source community more and more as time goes on. In fact,
| we've seen the open-source community grow and accelerate its activity. That's
| where the future of development lies." * *


NetApp/Sun lawsuit seen as open-source test case

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| NetApp contends that Sun's ZFS file system technology, which was donated to
| the OpenSolaris.org open-source community earlier this year, infringes on
| seven NetApp patents. *