Stephanie's ZipIt Web Server

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| This Webpage is being Served by a ZipIt!
| Here you can see my ZipIt webserver, in its permanent home - out of the way,
| ontop of my water cooler in the kitchen. Great place for a web server! It has
| been running non-stop since December 2005. That's right - the website you are
| viewing right now, is stored on, and served from, that little blue gizmo
| ontop of a watercooler in my kitchen.

Another Linux gadget that can act as a server has just had its price cut.

n800 price drop

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| It's still going to be more expensive than the touch because of the need to
| purchase up some memory cards (I had a pile of SD cards laying around, but
| thats just me).


Mini Linux PC breaks $100 barrier

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| Taiwanese integrator E-Way Technology Systems is shipping a tiny,
| 200MHz x86-compatible mini PC for $99, in single quantities. The TU-40
| is passively cooled, comes with 128MB of RAM, and can run lightweight
| versions of Linux, such as Puppy, the company says.

Review: Nokia N800 now with Skype

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| While I enjoyed using the Nokia N800 prior to the firmware upgrade, once
| having Skype installed made the unit made the Nokia N800 an almost
| indispensable tool carry around. Having the ability to make phone calls
| anywhere in the world from any location that has wireless internet was neat.
| Furthermore with a SkypeIn plan you can easily receive phone calls from just
| about any place in the world that has wifi. The addition of having Skype made
| the Nokia N800 a near cellphone like device. * * *

First look: Skype for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

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| Not only was there an updated version of the Linux-based Internet Tablet OS
| and significantly-improved hardware, but Nokia also promised us a
| fully-functional Skype client for the N800. Nearly six months after the
| tablet's launch, the Skype client has finally arrived. *

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

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| As a media player it plays MP3's and other audio formats through surprisingly
| good sounding speakers for their size, or headphones. It plays MP4 and
| RealVideo videos, and youtube.