PC-BSD Day 30: The verdict

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| Does PC-BSD have the potential to be a serious contender for the open source
| desktop? I answered that question with a yes, because the potential is there.
| The solid FreeBSD roots, the very strong and very accessible information, the
| friendly and mature community and the PBI system provide the foundations for
| that potential. I don't think it is ready now and I couldn't recommend it yet
| to someone in the early stages of moving away from Windows to an open source
| desktop. But I do think that the PC-BSD team has the right target audience in
| mind and is building an system and a support system that addresses it's
| needs.


The Best Linux System Repair Distribution Gets Better

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| A new release of the great Linux system repair distribution, SystemRescueCd
| 0.4, is now available.



Joe Sixpack goes BSD!

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| PC-BSD is an extremely user friendly and secure BSD, based on the rock solid
| FreeBSD 6.2 stable core, with a easy to use package management system, a
| friendly installation GUI and great hardware recognition. It is easy enough
| for average users and interesting enough for advanced users. It' s a easy
| pathway to the world of BSD *a must have*! * *


PC-BSD and Ubuntu on the $0 Laptop

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| Sure Zenwalk was doing all right on the $0 Laptop (Gateway Solo 1450, 1.3 GHz
| Celeron, 256 MB RAM).