Taking Puppy Linux for a Walk

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| The two main uses for Puppy Linux (or any Linux live CD) are to:
| * Rescue files from the host PC's hosed hard drive or perform various
| maintenance tasks (like imaging that drive)
| * Compute on a machine without leaving a trace—like browser history,
| cookies, documents or any other files—behind on the internal hard drive


And the winner is...

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| Mandriva included both a traditional KDE menu and a shiny, usable (tabs
| switch when moused over- w00t) Kickoff menu, a la openSUSE and with a custom
| configuration and artwork.
| Speaking of artwork, Mandriva shipped with a noticeable amount of polish on
| everything.


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Russian public agencies choose Mandriva

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| Mandriva development is carried out jointly by Mandriva's offices in Russia,
| France and Brazil. The Mandriva Linux OS is thus considered a national OS for
| Russia. The decision of FSTEC of the Russian Federation (RF) implied that
| Russian public agencies will be authorised to use the Mandriva Linux OS on
| PCs running confidential information. * *


TransGaming and Mandriva Renew OEM Agreement to Game Enable MandrivaLinux 2008
With Cedega

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| Cedega is the world's only commercial gaming solution for the Linux operating
| system. Cedega allows users to run PC games on their Linux operating system
| seamlessly, transparently, and with equivalent performance and game play.



Puppy 3.00 runs on the $0 Laptop

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| It's nice to put in a CD, boot in a couple of minutes and have the Puppy
| environment I love right there for me. Abiword, Geany, Seamonkey, Pidgin,
| ROX-Filer, MtPaint. Every one works great and loads quickly. *


Puppy Linux 3.00 released

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| The new version Puppy Linux is released. Puppy is a distribution for low end
| PCs, designed to run from media like usb sticks. It's size is less than 100
| MB. *


ReviewLinux.Com: Puppy Meet My USB Key

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| Puppy Linux is a great Linux distribution to place on a USB key. It's easy
| installation instructions make it a breeze to install. From boot up to
| installation on your key in under 10 minutes. It's just that fast. Puppy
| Linux 3.0 was released October 2 2007 and I thought I would give a small tour
| on walking your puppy to the key. Enjoy! * *


Mandriva signs FOSS deal with Angola

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| According to the agreement, Mandriva will train the first CNTI team of open
| source specialists and assist in the first open source deployments by CNTI.


Mandriva open office in Lagos

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| Mandriva West Africa to start operations in February 2007 to offer
| the Mandriva Linux operating system and open source applications
| and solutions to individuals, educational institutions, publica
| nd private organizations, ISVs and OEMs all over West Africa.


Mandriva has come to Russia

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| Mandriva, one of the world?s top software developers, has announced
| opening its official department in Russia ? Mandriva.ru.


Australia To Join Mandriva Partner Ecosystem

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| Pursuing its strategy of developing a large international network of local
| partners, Mandriva today announces the launch of Mandriva Australia as the
| sole Australian partner for Mandriva SA, distributing and supporting Mandriva
| Linux operating systems. *


Mandriva Linux 2008 RC2 released

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| The second release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2008, codenamed Kepler, is now
| available.


Mandriva simplifies its new range of products: Mandriva Linux 2008

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| After the 2007 Spring edition, Mandriva Linux 2008 is the next major new
| release of Mandriva to take advantage of the faster 6-months development
| cycle.