Intel aims to reduce Linux power consumption

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| Projects currently listed on the site include:
| * PowerTOP
| * Tickless Idle
| * Power Policy Manager
| * Applications Power Management
| * Processor Power Management
| * Power and Performance Measurement
| * BLTK
| * Power QoS
| * Device and Bus Power Management
| * Display and Graphics Power Saving
| * Virtualization


Intel Launches Developer-Focused Sites

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| James also unveiled, a community site dedicated to data-center
| power management around Linux servers based on the Intel platform. Other
| vendors contributing information to the site are Oracle and Linux distributor
| Red Hat. *
| For Linux developers, Intel launched in July, which is dedicated
| to developing Linux for Intel-based mobile internet devices. Partners in the
| site include Canonical, which leads the development of Ubuntu Linux, and
| Chinese Linux vendor Red Flag Software. * *

Intel Stoakley & Harpertown Benchmarks

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| While there were a number of benchmarks used, some of the results were done
| within Linux for kernel compilation, LAME encoding, and OpenSSL. We've
| published all of the slides that were shared with the press today, including
| the early Harpertown/Stoakley benchmarks. *

Video: Linux Spotted Running on BenQ UMPC

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| I guess Intel is really starting to spread its operating system wings.
| They've been backing Windows for ages and they hopped onto the Apple
| bandwagon some time back. And now it seems like they're showing love to the
| penguin too. *

Intel shares the laptop love with Linux

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| How times change. A few short years ago the only OS on show at Intel's San
| Francisco developer forums was Windows, and the only place you'd see a Mac
| was two blocks away at the Apple store. Now Microsoft has been shuffled aside
| from the IDF stage to make room Mac notebooks and desktops and, perhaps more
| worrying to Redmond, Linux. Intel's ultra-mobile platform leans heavily
| towards Linux, with executives from RedHat and Cannonical appearing during
| keynotes at the last two IDFs. * * *


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| Linux operating systems continue to grow in relevance and market share.

Open Source, Part of a Bigger Trend

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| The Old Days: Commercial firewalls hosted on commercial Unix and proprietary
| routers
| Today: Inexpensive SoHo routers flashed with embedded Linux and complex
| security and networking tools
| [...]
| The Old Days: Solaris, Windows, and Oracle
| Today: Linux, MySQL, and PostgresSQL

Intel adds WiMax, 3G support to Linux device plans

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| If Intel's aim to popularize ultraportable PCs based on Linux takes off with
| end-users, this will have far-reaching implications by expanding the number
| of people that use Linux beyond technology enthusiasts to the mainstream, and
| treading into territory coveted by Microsoft. *

Intel: Why Open-Source Drivers Work

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| He also mentioned that a major OEM is requiring that by next year their
| hardware suppliers must either have an open-source driver available or be
| able to provide an open-source driver within the next twelve months. The
| likely company that comes to mind is Dell but Dirk refused to comment any
| further. * *